Test sample processing
Mold flow analysis
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Test sample processing

Relying on professional R & D team, professional mold flow analysis and process research team, as well as advanced molding processing equipment, we can prepare a complete set of polymer samples on the basis of ensuring the stability and uniformity of samples.There are 35 sets of injection molding machines and 50 sets of moulds in our center, so that we can prepare combustion plates, large shrinkage, semi-gloss and semi-dermatoglyphic plates, spiral lines, blasting boxes, high light plates, fan blades, high-precision mechanical moulds, ASTM mechanical splines, GB mechanical splines, ISO mechanical splines and so on.

Sample type
  力学性能样条   拉伸性能、弯曲性能、冲击性能等
  汽车内饰燃烧样条   356*100*2/3mm
  垂直(V)或者水平(HB)燃烧样条   127*13*0.8/0.6/3.2mm
  方片   150*150*1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0mm等
  圆片   直径100mm等

Mold flow analysis

We have a full set of mold flow analysis data testing and analysis capabilities, so that we can obtain stress-strain curve, tensile modulus, Poisson's ratio, PVT, CLTE, specific heat, thermal conductivity, viscosity and other material characteristics parameters. Related analysis files can be imported into the mold flow analysis software to accuratelly simulate plastic injection molding process,  provide optimization suggestions and improveprograms, which improving product quality and production efficiency.

Material characteristic parameters required by flow analysis
  材料描述   系列、牌号、制造商、名称缩写、材料类型等
  推荐工艺   模具表面温度及范围、熔体温度及范围、绝对最大熔体温度、顶出温度、最大剪切应力和速率等
  属性     测试项目   测试设备
  流变特性   剪切粘度(曲线)   高压毛细管流变仪
  玻璃化转变温度   DSC
  熔体质量流动速率   熔体流动速率仪
  热性能   比热容   DSC
  导热系数   PVT
  PVT特性   熔体密度   熔体流动速率仪
  固体密度   固体密度计
  PVT曲线   PVT
  机械性能   弹性模量   万能材料试验机
  泊松比   万能材料试验机
  剪切模量   万能材料试验机
  线性膨胀系数CLTE   TMA
  拉伸应力应变曲线   万能材料试验机
  收缩性能   收缩率                                        修正残余应力、残余应变模型
  填料特性   描述及含量

Viscosity: The viscosity data refers to the material viscosity at different temperatures and shear rates, which affects the filling analysis results of the material and has an impact on the prediction of filling pressure and locking force

PVT: Specific volume data refers to the change in specific volume of a material under different pressures and temperatures, which affects the results of pressure holding analysis and has an impact on the prediction of shrinkage marks and shrinkage rates

Heat Capacity: Specific heat is related to cooling analysis and affects wavefront temperature changes, forming cycles, etc

Mechanical Properties: Mechanical properties include elastic modulus, Poisson's ratio, CLTE, etc., which affect the accuracy of warping analysis

Crystallinity: The inherent characteristic of crystalline materials, and the cooling rate can affect crystallinity. It is used to correct PVT and affect the accuracy of warping

Viscoelasticity: Parameters required for flow viscoelasticity and solid viscoelasticity, tiger skin patterns, snake like patterns, optical analysis, and stress release analysis in thermal processes

Thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity is related to cooling analysis and affects wavefront temperature changes, forming cycles, etc

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