Intelligent R&D detection equipment
Intelligent R&D detection equipment

In order to meet the fast, accurate, and traceable material testing requirements of the industry, we have developed an intelligent and high-throughput material laboratory testing system with independent and controllable intellectual property rights —— the Cexunda modular automatic testing system MATS-23G1, providing a one-stop solution for mechanical performance testing of polymers and other materials.

System advantages

1. One click start: Fully automatic and traceable with built-in data packages for various material detection modes. Simply select the testing mode to easily start testing; The result data is integrated in the cloud and can be traced in real-time.

2. Maintenance: With a more worry free and reliable precision mechanical design, equipped with high-quality testing machines, multiple sets of sensors for induction, it eliminates problems such as inaccurate resetting of the testing machine.

3. Testing effect: The innovative upper prototype with high efficiency, high stability, and low human interference, as well as the design of a large capacity silo, achieve high-throughput testing in an unmanned state, and save nearly 60% of single cycle testing time.

4. Convenient addition of new features: The minimum cost expansion of new functional modules adopts a modular design mode, which can flexibly develop new functional modules according to needs, and quickly connect to the main system to achieve new detection functions.

Parameters Parameter range ISO requirements

Dimensional accuracy


When the measured object size is less than 10mm, ± 0.02; 

When measuring object size>10mm, ± 0.1

Size measurement range


Accuracy level of force sensing

0.5 Degree

Relative error of displacement indication

Within ± 0.5% of the indicated value

Maximum force value



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