Simulation analysis
Simulation Analysis Lab
Simulation analysis

Through simulation analysis, it is possible to analyze the mechanical performance of the product during its usage stage, predict the instantaneous force situation in advance during the product design stage, accurately estimate the product's collision resistance, optimize structural design, select materials reasonably, shorten research and development cycles, and improve vehicle safety.

Application scenarios: Part testing, structural design, performance optimization, etc

Specific projects: stiffness and strength analysis, fatigue analysis, collision analysis, drop analysis, etc

Equipment equipped: high-speed tensile testing machine, high-speed camera, Hopkinson rod, fatigue testing machine, creep testing machine

Material characteristic parameters required for simulation analysis
  密度   GB/T 1033.1、 ISO 1183-1:、DIN EN ISO 1183-1、 ASTM D792
  杨氏模量   GB/T 1040、ISO 527
  屈服应力   GB/T 1040、ISO 527
  断裂延伸率   GB/T 1040、ISO 527
  泊松比   GB/T 1040、ISO 527
  IP防护等级   GB 4208-2017
  拉伸应力-应变曲线(23 ℃)   GB/T 1040、ISO 527
  高速应力-应变曲线(23 ℃)   ISO 18872、SAE J274、GB/T 36805.2、GB/T 1040、ISO 527、
  指定温度下的应力-应变曲线   GB/T 1040、ISO 527

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